Welcome to the campaign for an Australian Charter of Human Rights!

It’s time to properly protect everyone’s human rights in Australian law and together we can make it happen.

We all know our lives are better when we treat each other with respect and compassion. That’s why it’s so important the values that everyone holds dear – like fairness and equality – are properly protected.

Yet many people are surprised to learn that Australia is the only western democracy without a Charter of Rights or an equivalent law protecting human rights.

To fix this, the Human Rights Law Centre is currently drafting an Australian Charter of Human Rights and will be launching a new public campaign with a wide range of community and charity organisations – and we need your help!

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We need to ensure everyone’s human rights are protected and that people have the power to hold governments to account.


Ideally we’d like to see all of our human rights protected in the Australian Constitution, but even without a referendum being held, the Australian Parliament can pass legislation at anytime to create a Charter of Human Rights.

This means if we join forces to show our politicians that communities all over the country want values like fairness, compassion and quality properly protected, then we can transform Australia’s human rights landscape – we can give people the power to take action when their human rights are violated.

We’ll be taking the message out to the communities all around Australia and to politicians in Canberra, but we can’t do it alone!

Sign up today to stay up to date and find out about the various ways you can help.

Whether it’s organising community meetings and events or visiting your local MP, there’s plenty to do. (Perhaps you can even start by sharing this page with your friends and family. Thanks!)

Joe Guario