The very concept of human rights – that we should all treat each other with compassion and respect – can no longer be taken for granted.

We need to ensure everyone’s rights are protected and people and communities have the power to hold their governments to a higher standard.


That’s why we’re pushing the Australian Government to create
a Charter of Human Rights and we need your help!


A Charter of Rights will do two vital things:



Governments must consider people’s human rights when creating new laws and policies and also when delivering services – like aged care, Medicare, disability services, and education funding.


People would have the power to hold the government to account when it does cross the line.


Ideally we’d like to see all of our human rights protected in the Australian Constitution, but even without a referendum, the Australian Parliament can still introduce a Charter of Human Rights at any time.

This means if we join forces to show our politicians that communities all over the country want values like fairness, compassion and equality properly protected, then we can transform Australia’s human rights landscape – we can give people the power to take action when their human rights are violated.

The Human Rights Law Centre is currently writing an Australian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities that would protect in law all of the fundamental human rights set out in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The task of the campaign is to make it a reality!


so step up and get involved.